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made a very SMART an

made a very SMART and PROACTIVE business decision yesterday and feel great!!! watch for EVEN GREATER things to come!!! I am luv’n this!!!


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added http://hellotxt.com to update and read status

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Isn't the US Gov jus

Isn’t the US Gov just great? Gottal luv ’em: http://htxt.it/xha0

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What's in a name? Ho

What’s in a name? How important is your business name for branding purpose? Anyone want to comment?

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With truth, you need

With truth, you need never be concerned about proving it, just being it and living it. revealing it at the right moment & the right place.

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Today is the birthda

Today is the birthday of the Birthday Cake. In 55 B.C. the Greeks were the first to put candles on a cake celebrating someone’s birthday.

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For a true social me

For a true social media scoop, read this: http://htxt.it/kRMu

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