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Are you having your website search engine optimized?  If so, is it working?  Are you aware that you can have all of countless backlinks coming to your site, but if they are not bringing quality traffic, are they doing any good?  What if they bring quality traffic, but the traffic doesn’t convert to sales?  Is that doing any good?

You must know that everything about your website has to fit together properly like a puzzle.  The SEO has to bring in the traffic, but the site itself has to be able to convert that traffic into sales.  You can have the best site, but if no one finds you, what good is it?  Also, you can be found all over the place but if your site is bad and makes people leave, what’s the point?

It’s a good idea to work with an optimizationist that can also give marketing tips for your website to appeal psychology to your prospects and convert your traffic into actual sales.  Pop all the puzzle pieces in together and make them fit.  Otherwise, those missing pieces, or unfit pieces will leave quite an unfinished mess.


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