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You know there are some things they just can’t teach in college.  You learn many skills, sure — but they are work abilities skills.  How about people skills?

What if you were to follow these rules in the office:

– Don’t engage in the office negativity or gossip.  Rise above it and set an example to others how to not let negativity get to you.  Let them see you happy and let that spread to others.

– Give compliments!  Support your fellow teammates instead of competing with them.  They just may reciprocate.

– Make your work stand out — because it is great, not because you are a suck up.  Remember, no one likes a suck up, not even the one you are sucking up to.

– When you make a mistake, admit it and fix it.  Immediately!  Then learn from it for the next time. Don’t be afraid when you make a mistake.  Have you met a human yet that doesn’t make mistakes? 

– Get to know your co-workers personally, on a good level.  This means don’t get too involved and don’t get pulled in to any drama or anything like that, but treat them as fellow humans, not objects at your work. 

– Don’t forget the small stuff.  Details are important and every task is needed.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are too good to do a task for newsbies or interns or assistants.  Do these too to show you are completely committed to whatever it takes.

Why not just try some of these things for a while and see if your boss doesn’t start to notice your abilities and how pleasant and positive you are.  She may just start to see leadership abilities in you.  Who knows what would happen then.


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