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Here’s a very interesting article I thought I would share with everyone.  Can anyone say “bitter-sweet?”


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Producing effective, potent Search Engine Optimization Copywriting requires niche keywords and content to be put together in harmony. Every single word written about you and your company, whether for digital media or print media, must be targeted to your audience, persuade your audience, and appeal to them emotionally. These keywords and content must keep them enticed, entertained, engaged, and provoke a call to action – and they must offer the best possible target for the search engines. If the search engines can’t find your site’s content, neither can the searchers that are looking for you.

If you knew of a company that offered potent SEO Copywriting that was also reasonably priced, wouldn’t you rather work with that company versus a more expensive, but not necessarily better, company? Of course you would because money is important. That is why we have made affordable pricing part of our USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Our SEO Copywriting includes:

1) Thorough keyword research to fully expose your niche with the least amount of competition possible.

2) Content that is richly saturated with your niche keywords.

3) Concepts that are relevant to your SEO campaign.

4) Content that focuses on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and your target audience.

5) Content that contributes to your overall marketing goal.

6) Content that is linked to and from relevant internal pages of your website.

7) Copywriting that is not only concise, but as stated above, is enticing, entertaining, engaging, and provokes a call to action, all while targeting your audience and the search engines.

Write Ink Marketing focuses on “making you stand out among the masses.” Choose WIM for your SEO Copywriting needs and you will not only look great against your competition, but you’ll still have some money in your pocket when we’re done. Visit us today and see for yourself:


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