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Did you know you could add social features to your website?  You can invite connections from your pre-existing social sites such as facebook.  Speaking of…facebook was funded by Microsoft to come out with their own social media implementation for websites called facebook connect.

Check them out here:  http://www.google.com/friendconnect/  and http://www.facebook.com/ (there is a blurb on their home page).

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You know social networking and social media is on the upmost when the FBI and the CIA are using these sites for business purposes.  They have created their own social networking site called “A-Space” and it is “a social networking site for analysts within the 16 U.S. intellegence agencies.”

With A-Space, our intellegence agencies can share information on al Queda, the Russians, and much more.  It launched on September 22 but sorry folks, it’s not for public consumption.  Everything is classified. 

Talk about spy sharing.  More on this here:  http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TECH/ptech/09/05/facebook.spies/index.html

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I’ve been given access to a new eBook Social Traffic – Event Marketing in a New Media Scape about to emerge along with the launch of a new social media site, Events Listed.  If you’d like info, please send your email address to natalie@writeinkmarketing.com

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As I work my way into more social networking sites, I have taken up the newest, “where it’s at” one, Twitter. 

Did you know you can follow marketing greats such as Brad Fallon, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, and many more?  Woah!  Talk about a line-up. 

Any subject, genre, or topic you want to have some light shed on can be found in Twitter.  It really is more than just “what are  you doing?”  It’s an interactive learning forum.  I’m quite impressed.  Check it out for yourself: 

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