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New, innovative Web designs have taken over the online world.  Regardless of your outlook on social media, the hottest (and most successful) Web designs for Dallas are those that incorporate social media APIs as well as featuring a blog-style layout.  Having social media streams directly on your Web site as well as a blog sitting directly on your Web site with fresh content just can’t be beat.  As the old saying goes, content is king.  Google has proven time and time again that it indexes blog-style Web designs faster than any other.  When you add social media streams in that Google heavily favors, you’ve got a pretty powerful Web design.  If you w want Google’s attention, this is the way to do it.

But how do you know which platforms are proven to be the most effective for this type of Web design?  Let’s take a quick peek at the two heavyweights:  WordPress and Joomla.  Then we’ll go over some other hot Web design Dallas trends to look for this year.

WordPress vs. Joomla

Both WordPress and Joomla offer completely user-friendly content management systems (CMSs).  These CMSs are so easy to use that anyone can utilize and update them, not just professional Web developers.  No HTML knowledge is necessary.

While WordPress is hands down the most SEO-friendly CMS platform available, Joomla’s platform is scalable and can be developed into a SEO-friendly Web design with some work. Joomla is more robust and offers more bells and whistles than WordPress but WordPress can’t be beaten in the blog/SEO world.  Written in PHP using MYSQL, WordPress is the most popular blogging tool in the world.

Web Design Trends for 2010

The Web design trends will change throughout the year.  This is part of what keeps our designers and developers refining their skills and staying on their creative toes.  One of the top Web design trends for this year is the use of oversized logos (we’ve done this one ourselves) to emphasize brand and make your Web site more memorable.  Oversized pictures and graphics are also being used for the same purposes.  They are also intended to entice a user to scroll down and read more, which sets the stage for a longer viewing time.

Interactive Web designs and designs that include video blogs are consistently growing in popularity. So is any type of Web design that incorporates personalization such as a handwritten signature or hand drawn pictures. Typography may also keep its popularity from last year.

Another Web design trend that will only continue to grow is the one-page Web site.  These are growing in popularity among job seekers who wish to post their resumes or their business card and basic information in a simple, easy format, all under a one-page URL.  While many recruiters turn to the Internet to fill positions, the desire for these types of Web designs fills a need for both the job seekers and the recruiters.

Use of color has always had its place with any trend, in any industry.  With Web design, we should expect to see bolder, shocking, attention-grabbing colors.  Many are tossing out the traditional blue for a business Web site and incorporating deep and daring hues as well as fresh, inspiring colors to grab attention and keep the user on the site.

As we mentioned, the social media inclusion into Web design has exploded and it won’t stop.  Use of model boxes through APIs from Twitter and facebook allow Web sites to have dialogue boxes that stream the conversations.  Model boxes have many other uses (such as taking the place of an intrusive pop-up) but their use in incorporating social media streams directly into a Web design is having an incredible growth.

Regardless of the type of Web design for Dallas you may need, we can help.  We can even create that bold flair you may be seeking.  Contact Crystal Frog Marketing, www.crystalfrogmarketing.com , for details.


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Write Ink Marketing is going to be featured in the Holiday Issue (November/December) of Woman2Woman Business Magazine.  We’re going to give a sneak peak here of the article we’ve contributed, but you’ll have to wait for the magazine to see our ad and our holiday offer…

Web Design for Action

Five Simple Tips to Ensure Your Site Will Convert

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  That tells us the eyes play a paramount part in perception.  Did you know web design also has to cater to peripheral vision?

Five Simple Web Design Tips:

1.     1.  Use color smartly.  Too many colors can not only confuse visitors with where to start, but it can turn them off, making them click away.  Two or three complimentary colors that work psychologically towards your purpose is all you need.

2.     Be consistent.  All graphics, fonts, and colors should be consistent across all pages.  If there is a page element you want emphasized, it can have different symmetry and alignment, but the majority of your site needs to be consistent.

3.     Group related items together.  Everything displayed on your site needs to make sense and have a purpose.  The use of fines lines or white space to divide works more effective than bold, chunky, block lines. 

4.     Have easy and sensible navigation.  Menus should only fall across the top and/or down the left side.  Internal links structures should make sense, work properly, and go exactly where they are expected to go.

5.     Make “next steps” crystal clear.  Visitors should be able to walk through the sales funnel and call-to-action guide easily.  A clean, simple layout will make it easy for them to “buy now” or “contact us.”


Another tip is if you are going to use Flash technology for some flair, feel free.  Just don’t use too much.  Just like Tip 1 above, too much is confusing. 

If you are optimizing your site, keep the Flash in the headers only, or don’t use it at all.  Flash can interfere with optimization because it is built in frames.  It confuses Google and other search engine bots so they just don’t index at all. 

Authored by and copywrited by Natalie Revell, Write Ink Marketing.



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