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We all know there are several charities and nonprofits to help the needy out there.  Why not donate?  It goes further than just cash donations.  You can donate anything from a car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, farm vehicle, TV, other electronics, and more. And a lot of companies will even pick your items up right where they are at no charge to you.  You can also get a receipt for a tax deduction.  It just doesn’t get any easier or any better than that.

Your items don’t even have to be workable.  If you car no longer runs or your TV no longer works, they can sell the parts to get money for the charities.  Or in some cases they can fix it up and sell it for money that way.  There are several resources available, but a good place to start is here: 

Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator



And why not have an event around your donations?  Have it at your place of business or a good central location and get other businesses and the community involved.  Have everyone bring their donations to the one spot and have them picked up there all at once, during the event.  You not only get some much needed donations into the hands of those who need it, you not only get other businesses and the community involved, but you get some exposure on your business for doing something great!

Events are not only fun, and in some cases worthy, but they are memorable.  Think about it…


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